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Posted by Reparapy On June - 1 - 2009

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Emmaline Bride Gift Set Giveaway

Posted by Reparapy On June - 15 - 2009

We believe in the value of well designed, extraordinarily made products. Emmaline Bride does, too. And to say thanks to all those who support what Reparapy does, we have a gift set exclusive to Emmaline Bride...

Attention! Attention!

Posted by Reparapy On June - 1 - 2009

Our Eye Mask in Retro Fabric is featured in an Etsy Treasury...

Treasured Again!

Posted by Reparapy On May - 30 - 2009

It's always an honor to be included in someone's treasury at Etsy. Thanks to snowflakedesign for adding us into her idea of a great spa day.

Read why we couldn't agree more with her....

There ain't no junk in our Trunkt!

Posted by Reparapy On June- 1 - 2009

We have made it!! We're in Trunkt!

Trunkt supports independent artists and designers by giving them portfolio space to present their work. We celebrate their talent in multimedia features.
Trunkt.org brings the best of independent art and design to a global audience hungry for fresh creative talent. Trunkt now features the amazing portfolios of over 1000 talented entrepreneurs from around the world.

Rocking Out at Reparapy!

Posted by reparapy On 8:17 AM

Hi everyone!

I downloaded Adam Lambert's American Idol studio remix album and let me tell you, Reparapy is rocking out this morning!!! Why is it that good music makes you feel so great? I didn't know the answer to that question and it seems like something we should all know, so as Adam was "Cryin," I decided to look up the answer.

Well, according to Daniel Levitin, Ph.D., professor of psychology and music at McGill University in Montreal and author of This Is Your Brain on Music (Dutton, 2006), whether you listen to it or play it, music has been shown to ease pain and anxiety. In addition, lower blood pressure, better sleep, and reduced pain can be achieved when music activates the brain's pleasure centers.

There's a great article on this at BellaOnline that talks about actual physical and mental results doctors are finding when using music therapy. Here are some of the highlights of the article:
  • Heart patients gained the same benefits from listening to 30 minutes of classical music as they did from taking 10 mg of the anti-anxiety medication Valium
  • Students who listen to 10 minutes of Mozart prior to taking SATs had higher scores than students who weren’t exposed to the music
  • People who listened to light classical music for 90 minutes while editing a manuscript increased accuracy by 21%
So if you're in a funk, sick, or just need a boost, look no further than your playlists! Crank it up and feel the change happen inside your body.

On a final note, if you're one who needs a whole lotta love because you were born to be wild, the benefits of music therapy for you are pretty black or white. In this mad world, you've just got to jump in that ring of fire and play that funky music. You'll soon find that this slow ride means a change is gonna come and that you'll soon stop cryin', the tracks of your tears will be drying, and soon you'll be feelin' good. So, if I cant' have you, Adam, at least I have all your music to make me smile and feel good every day!

Zara Kramer

p.s. The bolded words in the last paragraph are the titles of the songs on Adam's album which you can purchase at itunes. Rock on Adam! Also, all the photographs of Adam are courtesy of American Idol. I added some extras here at the bottom of the post because he's just so juicy!

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  2. My former English Teacher used to have us listen to Classical music for 10 minutes everyday at the beginning of class. She said it would help "make us smarter". My kids listen to it too, I hope it works! :)


  3. chelle Said,

    Hah, there are Adam fans EVERYWHERE! I'm with you, Zara -- if I feel crabby or even just a little off, listening to Adam Lamberts amazing voice is a guaranteed pick-me-up.

    His gorgeous iTunes studio recording of Feeling Good is also my anthem when I'M feeling good -- so much fun to sing along with!


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